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Sample Extract: Introduction

What follows is an extract from the published Corum supplement - the Introduction.

This section describes the basic setting and context for the book, including a very brief discussion of the history of Corum, The Scarlet Prince.

Note: This extract remains the property of Darcsyde Productions, and may not be reproduced, in part or in full, for any purpose, without prior consent.


" the days before the coming of the Prince in the Scarlet Robe, many other heroes fought in those dark times when the rising tide of the Mabden and their Chaos Lords threatened to engulf the very world..."
Chronicle Of Corum Of The Silver Hand

Corum offers players of Stormbringer (and Elric! before it) the chance to journey to the World of the Five Planes, where the elder races (the Vadhagh and the Nhadragh) fight a grim battle for survival against the encroaching hordes of Mabden, the humankind destined to reign over the earth.
      Adventurers from the world of the Young Kingdoms may visit this plane and join the forces of Law or Chaos as they fight to eclipse each other, or be drawn to serve Balance and the cause of cosmic harmony. It is truly a time for high adventure; the Conjunction of the Million Spheres, when all things are possible, draws near.
      New adventurers may also be found on this plane. Character creation guidelines make it possible to create any of the varied peoples of the world of the Five Planes, from the ancient nobility of the Vadhagh to the howling Mabden barbarians who destroy all they distrust.
      Although this supplement makes use of the basic Stormbringer mechanics, it expands upon them to better capture the unique flavor of Corum's world. To use this book fully you must own either the Stormbringer or Elric! rulesbook. Some reference is also made to the instructions for ship construction and combat found in the supplement Sailing on the Seas of Fate.
      A new set of magic rules are provided for use in the World of the Five Planes. There are also some new skills, and a section on the use of chariots as vehicles of both transport and combat. Many of these new rules could easily be used in any game using the Stormbringer system regardless of where in the Multiverse it is set.

The Prince In The Scarlet Robe

Corum is the name of one of Michael Moorcock's fantasy heroes and, like Elric, he is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion. His adventures provided the inspiration for this book. Corum, a Prince of the Vadhagh (a race not unlike the Melnibonéans) becomes a hero in a strange series of conflicts against the Mabden people and their gods, the Sword Rulers or Lords of Chaos.
      Armed with the Hand of Kwll and the Eye of Rhynn (fragments of gods who are lost in the mists of time, used as terrible weapons) Corum battles to reinstate Law in the Five Planes, and those worlds beyond his own.
      Later he journeys far into the future of his realm to aid the descendants of the very Mabden peoples who threaten his own time. There he wars against the Cold Gods, strange beings from Limbo intent upon turning the green and beautiful lands into icy wastes before their own inevitable demise.
      In his adventures Corum must face his own destiny, that of the Champion Eternal, the constant hero of Law against the forces of Chaos, the defender of the weak against the powerful. Corum's saga possesses much of the doomed quality found in the story of the albino prince Elric, and he is constantly at odds with the superstitious and the supernatural. It is recommended that gamemasters and players read the books of Corum. The tales are rewarding and enriching: Corum is one of Michael Moorcock's finest creations, equal in complexity and charisma to the legendary Elric of Melniboné.

The Saga Of Corum
The books of Corum are:
    The Knight of the Swords
    The Queen of the Swords
    The King of the Swords

    The Bull and the Spear
    The Oak and the Ram
    The Sword and the Stallion
The saga of Corum may be broken into two separate trilogies. The first, known also as Corum, or The Swords Trilogy, or The Swords of Corum, deals with Corum's battle against the Mabden barbarians and the Sword Rulers, armed with the Hand of Kwll and the Eye of Rhynn. The later three books, known as The Prince with the Silver Hand, or The Chronicles of Corum, record Corum's war against the Cold Gods. These are set in the future of his own realm, so far indeed, that it resembles another plane.

What Corum Books Does This Supplement Use?
This supplement draws chiefly upon the first three Corum books, when Arioch and Chaos rule the land and the Mabden are stirring across the face of the earth bringing sorcery and fear, bloodshed and ruin. Rendering the later world which Corum knows would require a book in itself and is beyond the scope of the present volume. If sufficient interest in the Corum line is evidenced, then no doubt such a book will be forthcoming.


Corum's world is also known as The World of the Five Planes. In his realm, a god gains control of five planes at a time. The planes are connected only by that god's sphere of influence. In Corum's time there are Fifteen Planes interconnected: three groups of five, each group dominated by one of the Sword Rulers, Arioch, Xiombarg and Mabelode of Chaos.
      This book details one single plane, Corum's own homeworld. The other planes are mentioned, but only briefly. Thus the World of the Five Planes is a useful generic term for the single world of Corum, and should not to confused with the grouping of the planes. It is the environment in which most of Corum's adventures take place.

Corum, Elric!, and Stormbringer

Corum was written as a supplement for Chaosium's Elric! roleplaying game. The editors have been assured by Chaosium that this means it is fully compatible with Stormbringer 5th Edition - the new version of the Elric! system, to be published in July 2001. For gamers, this means that all references to Stormbringer can be read as references to Elric!, and were originally written with those rules in mind. If you own Elric! you should be able to use Corum. If you own the new Stormbringer, you should be able to use it equally well.
      Corum is a game of high adventure, great quests, noble deeds and derring-do. Unlike Stormbringer its focus is squarely on the adventurers as the heroes of the age, presaging the arrival of Prince Corum, the ultimate cosmically-inspired hero of this world.
      The World of the Five Planes is a world in desperate peril, teetering on the brink of an abyss of barbarism. Ultimately the tide will be halted by the actions of the Prince in the Scarlet Robe. But other heroes must step forth to stem the flow until its ultimate ebb at Corum's hands. This is the role of the adventurers of Corum. While they may be as diverse and self-interested as any Stormbringer characters, Corum adventurers ought to be soon swept up in epic quests and cosmic battles, and their own petty concerns seen to be of secondary importance.
      Stormbringer stands to Corum as a dark and shadowy silent film masterpiece stands to a modern color cinemascope adventure: while not its complete antithesis, Corum is still a very different setting from that presented in Stormbringer and rewards a more magnanimous, epic style of play.
      For more detailed material, prospective Corum gamemasters are recommended to read the Encyclopedia Masteria later in this volume.

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