Heroic Adventures Across
the World of the Five Planes

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Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the Five Planes

DCS 2000
ISBN 0-9578427-0-8
$24.95 USD
168 pages
perfect-bound softcover

Released June 2001

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    Adventurer Sheet (Acrobat)

A supplement for the Stormbringer roleplaying game (from Chaosium Inc.)

By Geoff Gillan, with Mark Angeli, Alex Hammond, Bill Routt, and Liam Routt.
Cover by Jon Foster and Rachelle McWilliams.
Interior artwork by Jason Badower, Elise Hurst, and Kris Verwimp.

This supplement brings to life the World of the Five Planes in which Michael Moorcock's Corum novels take place. This book's setting is several hundred years before Corum's own tale, shortly after the barbarian Mabden hordes have crushed the ancient Nhadragh race, and before they have turned their attentions to the isolated and esoteric Vadhagh. It is a time of strife, where heroes have plentiful opportunities to take part in epic adventures to change the face of their world.

The speculative background provides ample geographic, historical, and cultural information for not only the civilized and barbaric Mabden of the world, but also for several of the unique Elder races, all of which are possible player characters. Supporting this information are new weapons, skills, and rules for the use of chariots.

The World of the Five Planes was once strong in the ways of Law, and mechanics are provided for the elaborate and wonderous Contrivances of the Vadhagh. The coming of Chaos, however, has seen the rise of a particularly wild form of Sorcery, unlike the magic of the Young Kingdoms, for which rules are also provided.

The book is rounded out by three complete scenarios, a bestiary, a digest of pre-generated sample characters, and a variety of notes concerning campaign and story creation for Corum's world.

This exquisite book opens a new world of heroic adventure for the players of Chaosium's acclaimed Stormbringer (previously Elric!) roleplaying game, and should herald a new beginning for that game.

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Reviews and Feedback
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Free Scenario
A complete adventure is available for free download:

    Corum Scenario - The Giant's Stairs

Sample Extracts from Corum
These extracts outline some of the basic principles and context for the Corum supplement:

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Questions and Answers
The answers to a number of questions about the book are available online, and include some minor corrections:

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Background Music
A selection of suggestions for music (primarily movie soundtracks) that can provide an appropriate background for Corum games.

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Adventurer Sheet
To save customers from having to ruin the spine of their copies to photocopy the Corum Adventurer Sheet, here is a downloadable version:

    Corum Adventurer Sheet (Adobe Acrobat file)

An index for the book (left out of the first printing) is available for download in two formats:

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