Darcsyde Productions announces
Corum for June 2001

March 4, 2001

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Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the Five Planes

DCS 2000
ISBN 0-9578427-0-8
$24.95 USD
168 pages
perfect-bound softcover

for release June 2001

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Liam Routt, Director of Darcsyde Productions today announced that the first Elric! book published under license from Chaosium by his imprint will be based on the Corum series of fantasy novels by the famed chronicler of the Eternal Champion, Michael Moorcook. Called Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the World of the Five Planes, the Darcsyde supplement will be set in Corum's world.

Corum is the protagonist of two of Michael Morcock's heroic fantasy trilogies, sometimes distinguished from each other as The Swords Trilogy and The Chronicles of Corum. Unlike the Elric novels, in which readers follow the Eternal Champion as he ultimately fails to avoid his inexorable doom and the end of his world, the Corum novels chronicle the Champion's successful struggle against seemingly overwhelming forces.

"As with the background material for Elric!, this sourcebook for Corum is set a little earlier than the period depicted in Moorcock's books." said Liam. "It covers the major races, geography, magic and history of Corum's world and features what I believe will be the first maps of that world to be published. There are mechanics for creating Corum characters in the major races of that world, and also a section on bringing existing Elric! characters across to the new setting. There are also three sizable scenarios in the book, which help, I think, to convey the distinctive flavor the the Corum universe."

The book has been a labor of love, written over the course of five years by prolific freelance writer Geoff Gillan. The evocative Jon Foster cover painting impressed many in the industry when it was displayed at Convulsion and Gencon UK last year.

One of the special features of the book is what Liam calls “a speculative background” for the Nhadragh, a race that Moorcock chose to say little about in the Corum books. “In this case we’ve gone somewhat further than the books do,” Liam explains, “There are some interesting ideas about the Nhadragh scattered through our book that we think will make for great angst-ridden fantasy and role-playing. Indeed, while we document the world of the novels lovingly, I think this book provides gamers with a whole lot more.”

"I think it's going to be a kick-ass product - high-quality content, both words and pictures, and also great on-the-shelf presence due to Jon's mind-blowing cover painting!" enthused Darcsyde's Director, "I couldn't have imagined a better first Elric! book for Darcsyde"

"We are thrilled to be working with Darcsyde Productions," offers Chaosium's Charlie Krank, "I hope that, together, we can bring exciting Young Kingdoms adventures and storylines to our longtime Stormbringer and Elric! fans, and to generate renewed enthusiasm for the great tales written by Michael Moorcock!"

The Corum book is currently in the final stages of editing and layout. All artwork, including the cover, has been finalized. Corum is due to be released in June 2001. Distributors should contact Wizard's Attic to place orders.

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Before taking the helm of Darcsyde Productions, Liam Routt was an assoicate editor for Chaosium, responsible for both the Elric! and Pendragon lines, and he has written for both Nephilim and Call of Cthulhu.

Darcsyde Productions released the English version rules for French game Trauma, and an accompanying book of scenarios The Most Dangerous Game in 1992.

Geoff Gillan is a prolific and respected freelance writer, with Cthulhu, Pendragon and Elric! scenarios to his credit.

Jon Foster is a well-known fantasy artist, whose imaginative and compelling work has most recently adorned the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide for the AD&D 3rd edition.
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