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The Giant's Stairs
A Corum adventure

By Michael Baumann & Matthew Hartley
cover by Jeremy Reston

We are proud to present a complete scenario for the Corum setting. Fuelled by Celtic legends, Michael and Matthew have managed to evoke the tone of Corum's world, and present for us a tale of adventure and mystery!

Rising from the sea to a height of nearly one hundred feet, the Giant's Stairs lie several hundred yards out from the harbor. The massive collection of basalt pillars does indeed resemble a huge staircase when silhouetted against the eastern sky. At most times it is nothing more than a rocky island, but once every seven years on the seventh night of the seventh month two of the fifteen planes intersect here and at gate is opened that allows passage into another plane where dwells a hiddeous giant. If any have ventured through this gate, none have returned to tell of it...

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Product information

Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the Five Planes
DCS 2000
ISBN 0-9578427-0-8
$24.95 USD
168 pages
perfect-bound softcover
Released June 2001
Published by:

Darcsyde Productions
Under license from:

Chaosium Inc