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Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the Five Planes

DCS 2000
ISBN 0-9578427-0-8
$24.95 USD
168 pages
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Released June 2001

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Questions, Clarifications, Comments, and Quibbles
  1. On p 15, the "Cosmographer/Astrologer" occupation paragraph seems to be missing the Avocation entry: is it "Cosmography or Astrology", or just "Cosmography"?
  2. Our first errata item! Excellent!
    Yes, it was left out somehow, and it should read:

    Avocation: Cosmography.

    Of course it would be a lot more fun if it read:

    Avocation: Cosmographic Aesthetics, Cosmographic History, Cosmographic Hermeneutics.

    Feel free to substitute whichever version suits your game best.

  3. On p 59, Svi-an-Fanla-Brool is said to be currently uninhabited, since it is prior to Shool-an-Jyvan's arrival, but shouldn't it currently be inhabited by Pliproth, the Gorged God, a minor god of Chaos, related to the Knight of Swords? (The Knight of Swords, Book 2, Chapter 3, Beyond the 15 Planes)
  4. Debatable. Shool-an-Jyvan claims to be a couple hundred years old, so he might actually be there. Obviously, though, we missed this, and the Gorged God should be there in one form or another.

    It is worth noting that we do provide the characteristics for Shool-an-Jyvan in the Inhabitants chapter, along with the other major characters from the Moorcock material.

  5. On p 73 the "Attributes" Chaotic Effect, is resisted with a POW vs. POW roll, but on p 73, "Blessing of Chaos" is resisted with MP vs. MP; is this something that's just different from Chaotic Effect to Chaotic Effect, or should it be all one way or the other? (NB. Elric! had spells that did it each way, too.)
  6. Attributes was deliberately set to use POW because its about the permanent form of the person. Blessing of Chaos is a more temporary Effect, and thus MP seem to be more appropriate.

    In general, the gamemaster is encouraged to consider each Effect on a case-by-case basis – Chaos knows no rules, after all.

  7. On p 83, the "Love Me, Do!" fetish refers to CHA; should that be APP instead?
  8. Yes, we should have written APP.

    Alternatively, one might wish to base the effects of this fetish entirely on Charisma, leaving the character's APP the same, but raising Charisma directly in increments of 5%...

    Or the fetish might just double the character's Charisma...

    I'm sure Ragha-da-Kheta priests sell versions which do all three of these things, and the names they are sold under do little to guarantee the specific results...

  9. The "Summoning Chaos Creatures" section, on p 84 is a bit confusing; I'm still not sure how the statistics for Chaos Creature Abilities (those items listed in the "Abilities" section of the sample Creatures) are determined. I understand how the two forms from the "Chaos Creature Creation" table determine the type of creature and the types of its attacks and armor, but I don't understand how the amount of damage done by attacks and taken by armor are determined. Is this just done as a creature by creature decision by the GM? (Various of the example Chaos Creatures have armors of 1D6, 1D8, 1D10, 2D10, etc., and attack damages of about the same variety.)
  10. Ooogh! Although we didn't say it directly, we assume that the gamemaster will set these values as suits the situation. One could posit a
    random, or point-based system for this, but, well, we haven't!

    Probably a significant oversight for the rules-lawyer groups out there.

  11. Was the lack of a listing for point cost for each of the sample Chaos Creatures on pp 87-89 an oversight, or a nod to the unique and chaotic nature of the beasts? (Examples of point costs would have been useful, I think.)
  12. It was deliberate.

  13. On p 94: "All students of Combining add 10% to their chance of learning it". In other words, the chance for a student to learn Combining successfully is the same as their chance to learn one of the Precepts, plus an additional 10%?
  14. Yes, it is meant to work just like that. The idea is that the character already has a bit of an understanding of the precepts by that point, so Combining is a bit easier. That's all there is to it.

  15. On p 98 the quote from the seer Delu-fou-da starts off by saying there is no Precept of Combination but ends by saying hard study and work is necessary for learning the Precept of Combination, which seems unusually contradictory for Law. Perhaps for consistency the seconds occurrence of Precept in that quote should be changed to "Science", as per the heading "The Science of Combining" on p 93.
  16. This seer's quotes were created from a combination of three contemporary French philosophers, all of whom would insist that they are operating according to commonly understood principles (i.e. The rules of Law).

    One shouldn't assume that Law isn't contradictory, just because it is consistent...

  17. On p 121: Does the Murex need a Squirt Dye skill, or is it considered to be an area attack that always hits the Murex's opponent? (The later, probably.)
  18. Actually, there probably should be a skill there; how about Squirt Dye 55%? Many people might prefer to play it as the more abstract area effect and skip the roll, however, which is fine as well.

  19. On p 131 it says that Hanafax has 219 Chaos points, but he doesn't seem to have any gross Chaos Traits. (It seems to me that he almost certainly has item #8 from the Chaos Traits table, given his actions in the saga.) Of course he's a NPC, but I don't see how any sorcerer following the rules presented could last that long without disintegrating into a shambling monster.
  20. His Chaos points should be more like 21.

    Hindsight indicates that perhaps we should have revised that number, and some others in the section.

  21. On p 132: Jhary-A-Conel has no sword skill?
  22. He definitely should!

    Longsword 180% seems about right.

  23. In "Jeweled Destinies", in the second paragraph on p 137, it states that the scenario is set in and around Gor-an-Clu in Bro-an-Mabden, while in the 3rd paragraph it talks about the destination being off the coast of Bro-an-Vadhagh, and in the 4th paragraph it talks about the destination being a mile off Gor-an-Clu. It seems like the mention of Bro-an-Vadhagh in the 3rd paragraph should be to Bro-an-Mabden instead.
  24. Yes. Gor-an-Clu is part of Bro-an-Mabden, and most of the scenario is set a mile off-shore.

  25. [Minor Spoiler] Also in "Jeweled Destinies", on p 140, the Magic Points lost by the party through a Nhadragh becoming the Caster of the Net are only temporarily lost, correct?
  26. Yes – they are Magic Points, not POW, and are regained as normal.

  27. [Vague Spoiler] In "A City That Is Not", on pp 150-151, Tovlar the Defiled's "Storm of Demon Spittle" takes 210 MP, including 200 MP from his raiders in a Chain of Being. This does not exceed the 2 times Chaos Allegiance limit from p 72, since the sorcerer is only putting 10 points into the spell himself, Right?
  28. That is correct.

    It is the belief of the editorial staff that if Tovlar was a bit smarter, he could have worked out a more economical way of doing all this... But he is a devotee of Chaos, so I guess that sort of thing isn't quite on the top of his priority list.

  29. I'm still using the earlier (4th) edition of Stormbringer. What statistic modifiers should I use for the Mabden from the different regions of the World of the Five Planes?
  30. Corum was writtenri originally for the Stormbringer system, pre-Elric!. For those interested here are the Statistics modifiers for Mabden characters using those rules. They don’t include the Elder Races who already have stat modifiers for Elric!/Stormbringer 5th Edition. Use those instead.

    The people of Lywm-an-Esh tend to be handsome and smart but not as hardy as the barbarian races.
    Add: +1D4 APP, +2 INT, +1 POW
    Subtract: -1D6 CON

    The northern climate breeds sturdy and strong folk, but their culture makes them dull.
    Add: +1D4 CON, +2 SIZ
    Subtract: -1D4 INT

    The southern barbarians are big but have a tendency to disease from bad living conditions.
    Add: +1D6 SIZ, +1D4 STR
    Subtract: -1D4 CON, -2 INT, -1 POW

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