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Words of Praise for Corum

Fans and reviewers alike have praised Corum for its content and presentation. Provided below are links to some online reviews, references to print reviews, and a selection of the comments we've seen or received since the book was published.


Online Reviews

Rolliste is a French gaming site. They were the first online site to preview Corum, and the first site to review it as well. Their page of information on Corum includes a detailed description of the book, and two pop-up reviews (to the left), each granting it 5 dice out of a possible 5.

The well-known site has a large archive of reader-submitted reviews. Corum has been covered by three reviewers, each of whom rate it 5 out of 5 for both Style and Substance:

Philippe Tromeur
Lisa Padol

Print Reviews

SFX Magazine: Danny Bourne wrote our first print review. "The level of depth really is quite astounding," he says, and then in summary: "Corum creates a feel of high fantasy and drama, and is great fun to play."

Valkyrie Quarterly, Issue 23: Dave Elrick is not as happy with the book, feeling that it should have been a stand-alone release: "[Corum] doesn't add to the background in Stormbringer - it replaces it," he notes, later explaining that "you have to own 5th edition Stormbringer or Elric! to play Corum, making this a rather expensive proposition..." On the other hand he does say: "[Corum] captures the flavour of the books well enough and in that regard ... it works very well."

Reader Feedback

"Excellent. That's all I can say."
          — RossK

"A great book with lots of Scenario ideas. This is one of the best gaming books I have seen in ages. I have been waiting for this one for ten years, and it was really worth the wait!"
          — Mike Baumann

"Just finished my second reading of the Corum supplement and it is simply outstanding! Great job..."
          — Jean Francois Marcoux

"Just wanted to tell you Corum is the best roleplaying supplement I have ever seen. Keep up the great work."
          — Eric Clem

"I liked Corum very much, especially how the author transmits the feel of the saga, and his little jokes spread inside. The book is beautiful (both cover and inside pictures). The book is very well written and organization is good..."
          — Patricio González

"My what a sourcebook! I can't wait for Hawkmoon! Corum is thick with info and ideas. Contriving is simply brilliant! Nadragh psychology and history are extremely believable."
          — Luigi Castellani

"I very much enjoyed Corum. Your company has put together a fine product. There is a lot in the book that I will use for my Stormbringer games, even if they are set in different parts of the multiverse. I particularly like the rules for Contriving."
          — Aaron Somerville

"Corum is a helluva good book. I hope you folks put out more stuff."
          — Judas I. Zeh

"Great work, I have yet to read up and get a deeper grasp on the contents, but it really shows that there is tons and upon tons of work on this one. Compared to other RPG books I have, I give it a 9/10."
          — Johan Eriksson

"Our local group just got our hands on the Corum supplement (4 copies). Great stuff! I have been waiting for a Corum gaming book since '81."
          — Ken

"The book is well laid out, easy to follow and full of interesting lore on the Corum setting much of which I had forgotten until I dusted off my copies of the Saga to reread them, hopefully it will have the same interest in attracting RPGer’s to Michael Moorcock's work and vice-versa. Finally I’d just like to congratulate you all at Darcsyde, on a great product, and I look forward with great interest to your future releases."
          — Steven Cook

"Corum is such a elegant book! I haven't been so excited about a roleplaying sourcebook in such a long time."
          — Shea P Ryan

"it is a very beautiful book - probably the most beautiful gaming book I have ever seen. Also, the layout (with the different encyclopedias) is very fascinating and unique. I like it a lot already."
          — Dave the Conspirator

"Initial impressions very favourable. I've never thought so hard about a game book as I was reading it before! It took me and the rest of the group back to the first days of role-playing where everybody wanted to create a couple of characters and everyone had an idea they wanted to run as an adventure!"
          — Alan Richards?

"it looks very good. It's full of clever ideas and useful rules."
          — T. Kurt Bond

"I got my copy of the Corum sourcebook and it was well worth the long wait for. I like the rules for the different demi-humans and the magic system is a lot nastier for summoning demons."
          — David Peters

Our First Fan Letter

Shortly after the release of Corum (and well before we got our own hands on a finally printed copy), we received our first letter from a purchaser. Shea P Ryan's letter was certainly an excellent way to begin:

Today was truly a great day. I had unexpected time and happened to stop in at one of the only New York city gaming stores (I'd think there'd be more), and guess what I saw on the shelf? Your wonderful book.

Congratulations to everyone who made this book what it is! While I've only had time to breeze through it, my impression is that the material presented is both innovative and faithful to the source material. Not only that, but the additions seem to be very simple and streamlined. I like it!

I also love what you've done to the summoning system. Very appropriate for the setting. I'm anticipating the chance to take a closer look at Contrivances, Tattoos, and Fetishes (all of which seem to be brilliant ideas and skillfully executed, on first glance).

In addition to all of that, the Nhadragh background/society is lovely. It was the first thing I turned to and was dreading to read it. Building a culture worthy of being an enemy to the Vadhagh with very little to go on is a laudable task. You guys did it perfectly.

All of this praise, and so much more that should be praised. This is truly a wonderful book. I don't hesitate to say it's the finest supplement I've bought in quite a while.

— Shea P Ryan

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